The parents are not right essay

Firstly, you came back on vacation home saying that the parents are not always right and I replied: “the children neither.”

Secondly, none are in possession of absolute truth, neither parents nor children.

Moreover, we belong to different generations, our belief systems differ, our values ​​are not the same and our priorities are very different.

In addition, you can’t even imagine how difficult it is to be parents.

No one teaches you to be, you repeat the same patterns with which you were educated, which are transmitted from one generation to another, with some variation after what has been learned in the books or attending courses on education.

What is true is that parents do the best we can and know, always seeking the welfare of our children, we care for them more than themselves, warning them of the dangers, taking care of them and helping them financially, no matter how old they are .

This is a profession from which you never retire.

It is true that whenever you return home we return to the role of protective parents and you are the daughter of being spoiled.

But after several days of living together disagreements arise, you only ask that they do not interfere in your life as you do not either.

You are an adult and independent woman and you can’t tolerate anyone telling you what you can do and what you can’t.

You think you are capable of doing everything because you have shown yourself how much you are worth and do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

You live in this Society where everything revolves very fast and you don’t want to lose their rhythm.

This is the era of information, of social networks, the ego dominates us.

I recognize that we are not perfect parents nor do we pretend to be.

We share with you our life learning to prevent you from making the same mistakes and suffering.

How have you told us on more than one occasion we are the mattress that is there to amortize the blow if you fall.

With us you can always be yourself without artifice, take out your temper and let off steam.

We may not agree, we discuss, but finally the love that unites us will make us forget everything and start again as if nothing happened …

Because you are part of our essence.

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