School days

Holidays are over, back to school begins.

In this new course that begins a new student will begin.

This new student is more clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t.

She wants to continue learning but at her own pace, without pressure, enjoying learning.
She wants to continue writing and sharing with those who feel identified.
She wants to continue drawing as when she was a child, although what she draws now is different.
She wants to focus on the subjects that interest her most without trying to cover them all.
She wants to decide every day what she wants to study, without distractions or interruptions.
She wants to go to class one day a week and only one hour, she values ​​more rest.
She wants to learn at home, in her space, no matter what day or at what time.
She wants to be self-taught and learn what they don’t teach in class.
She wants to be able to take the day off if she doesn’t feel like doing anything.
She wants to learn to waste time.
She wants to exercise, it can’t be good to be sitting so many hours.
She wants to get bored, there is no reason to be busy all the time.
She wants to practice, it takes 10,000 hours to learn a trade.
She doesn’t want anyone to raise his voice and tell her what she has to do.
She doesn’t want anyone to evaluate her, she already demands a lot.
She doesn’t want anyone to give her homework, she prefers to be the one to decide what to do.
It does not want to be criticized or judged.
She doesn’t want to have to explain.
She wants to unsubscribe when she lose interest in the subject.
She doesn’t want to tell details of her private life during classes.
She wants to continue learning, no matter how old she is.

Because the school I go to … is the School of life.

And the course has just begun!

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