Responsible for me,
I walk for a reality
perfectly designed.

I comfort my pain and leave
 make it as free as
 My happiness.

Free to express itself as
 it suits you
learning to give her
space, although it hurts.

I keep the anger and live together
 sometimes in inconsistency,
 but I deal with all my
 feed forces
my powers and live in
harmony with my essence ..,
well in the end all
We do what we can.

I am also responsible and
aware of fears
that are mine and the fruit of a
learning that will take me
 the whole life.

I walked on some boards
fixed than with care
 of years had put
 for me.

Those tables today, they had
worn, cracked
over time, the
continuous use of them
and even the odd one
So the truth is that
I no longer felt so safe
walking by them.

I had to look for some
new, stronger
and consistent.

These had to endure
my weight now
they had to be consistent with
my new steps
and my way of walking
already different.

And so I go, placing
tables, putting color on them,
giving them shine, removing
 some and putting others.

I have stopped placing
many because in the end
I just need the first
 tables that hold me
 now, in this precise

In the end I thought:
Why don't I let the
Now tell me
what comes next?
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