When I saw that movie entitled “Lunchbox“, whose argument is about two strangers who, due to circumstances of destiny, begin to exchange letters sharing their concerns and their loneliness.

I thought it would be wonderful if anyone who feels alone or needs to communicate with other people could do so through a letter, no matter if it is a stranger, living in another country, who is from a different culture, whatever their gender and their age.

Since I have been part of the Global Penfriends community, I have been able to communicate with people from all over the world and make friends.

Many Penfriends prefer to write handwritten letters by postal delivery. They are excited to receive letters from different parts of the planet in their mailboxes.

We live in the era where Technology is at ease, so much that we are forgetting to write, we no longer remember our calligraphy, writing with an intelligible letter.

That is why I have remembered the film again and sent handwritten letters to my unknown Penfriends, in which I share a little of my life, of our customs, trying to write with a beautiful and legible letter.

I make my own paper of letters and with all my love I deposit them in the Post Office, imagining the face of joy that will add its recipient when he opens it.

Calligraphy, Steve Jobs knew, is fascinating.

Calligraphy is our way of expressing ourselves, observing how our writing is, we will discover who we are thanks to graphology.

Let’s forget about our Smartphones and start writing Postcards of congratulations to our friends, Letters of love to our partner, Letters of thanks to our parents, Letters of conciliation to our teenage children, Letters to our unknown friends …

Undoubtedly, to write fluently you need a pen or pen whose ink slides on the paper.

Those letters will last in time, they will not be destroyed even if our mobile phone is damaged or we lose it.

We will be happy to read them because they have written them for us with love, dedication and dedication.

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