Female Solidarity meaning

This year I have decided to practice female solidarity. What does it consist of? How is it carried out? ─ Very simple ─ In your workplace praise your female partners, highlight their achievements, feats, efforts, in front of your male partners. ─In your daily life, with your family, fraternizing with other females, putting yourself in Continue Reading


A mother is not something physical and natural … that is to say everything … It’s something that is above of good and evil … Protest when you are not … It’s a feeling that prevails every minute of my life, at every step … Mother is not a name … it’s a lifestyle… Is Continue Reading


I have been so angry for a long time, full of anger, making myself strong, telling me that I was able to do everything, resisting to fall, to show myself vulnerable until my body began to send me signals alerting me, in the form of migraines, vertigo, irritable colon, anxiety , fears, unstoppable crying … Continue Reading


I’ve been preparing for months. I have passed the crisis of the 30s at the end of the 29s, so that the new number had enough space to reinvent myself again. I have rethought absolutely everything in my life, I have let go and it is that not everything has a place already unfortunately. I Continue Reading


Dear daughter, We thought it was going to be difficult to emigrate but it turns out how difficult it will be to return to your country. And not only for the amount of things that we have been sending you during these four years and that you have been buying and accumulating … they do Continue Reading