First of all, our daughter as many more young people decided one day emigrate in search of new opportunities.

Altough,  this broke us the heart and left a huge void in our home, impossible to fill.

As a result, It also meant many changes in our lives and a good best way out of our comfort zone.


  • We learned to hire flights over the Internet.
  • We learned to make the hotel reservation online.
  • We rent houses understanding ourselves in a different language.
  • We know how to send a transfer abroad.
  • We enjoyed our vacation visiting her.
  • We practice English.
  • We traveled by metro, changing between the countless lines.
  • We make the purchase in another currency.
  • We live in a neighborhood as one ordinary citizen.
  • We know new places unknown for the tourists.
  • We tested foods from other cultures.
  • We drink different kinds of beer.
  • We travel in a double-decker bus.
  • We went on a train without a driver.
  • We see people from all over the world.
  • We travel with a pet in public transport.
  • We eat standing on the street.
  • We buy exotic fabrics.
  • We cook our food with the ingredients that we find there.
  • We dress as we want without which no one will realize.
  • We are a day on social networks.
  • We talked with her by video link.
  • We send her packages.
  • We use google maps to guide us.
  • We take an Uber.
  • We visit the most emblematic museums.
  • We bought the latest model of sports shoes.
  • We walk through immense parks.
  • We see people as they live in small boats on the canals

And  in conclusion:

  • We are proud of their professional progress.
  • We look at how maturing and becoming more sure of herself.
  • She has learned to be independent. She don’t need us to survive economically.
  • We check how it is becoming bilingual.
  • We realize that it does not matter where she goes because she will succeed being herself.
  • We are glad you have formed a new gang of friends.
  • Every meeting is cause for joy, a party.
  • We have realized how much we want, and we miss us.
  • We are happy to see her happy, fulfilling her dreams.
  • We are afraid that he will fall in love and not return.

Image: Pexels


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