Melancholy definition

I who lived on illusions
of vain hopes,
Of tender love.

I who dreamed of a

I who wanted to love
And be loved.

But my sad world remained,
my heart goes
I don’t feel love anymore
I do not know what it is

I’m looking around
I can’t find more
something that makes me happy,
That fills my life
stay away from me this
Bitter loneliness

I’m looking for the one who says
call my owner
and little by little I leave
teaching to see life
with Ilusion.

More is just a dream,
An utopia,
failure of my failures,
fruit of this deep
melancholy that seizes
My whole being

I wish to cry
I contain myself more.
Desires to shout at
world what I feel.

Nobody listens to me anymore,
I’ve run out of voice
My eyes have dried
My heart died

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