Nature has given us two ears and one mouth … for something will it be?

Two ears to listen more and one mouth to speak less.


Many people do not know how to listen, continuously interrupt what you are going to say.

It is a lack of education because you do not pay attention to what they are telling you, do not give up the turn in the conversation.

It is a sign of arrogance, it seems that you only care what you have to say.

Also, if you don’t listen, you can’t learn from others, you can’t understand what they want to explain or ask you to do.

You enter an endless monologue.

Sometimes I think there are people who use it as a way of repeating themselves what they want to understand.

If you pretend to be a good communicator, have good relationships with others, try listening to them without distractions, there is nothing better.

Moreover, if you stop to listen carefully you will begin to hear not only what they are communicating to you but what each person talks about themselves.

Without realizing it when we speak, we are expressing our concerns, our fears, our worries.

You just have to listen carefully to their words and you can get to know them better, without even knowing them themselves.

Because unconsciously when we talk we are revealing hidden information, we are talking about ourselves when we believe we are talking about other issues.

And the most relevant we do not listen to ourselves.

Let’s stop to hear each other when we talk, let’s listen.

We will find out a lot of information about ourselves that we are communicating to others without being aware of it.

We will perceive through our own words what we say to ourselves even though we believe we are telling others, our anger, our fears, our worries, our desires.

Try listening to yourself, dare to write it and you will be surprised at what I say.

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