Here and Now


So far I have not been aware that I lived with the autopilot activated, it was like an automaton walking down the street, driving, I lived immensely in my thoughts, I was a slave to my mind.

I did things by routine, by habit, without enjoying them.

I didn’t taste the food, I didn’t listen many times when they talked to me, I lived in my world full of worries and pending issues to do, tasks to schedule.

And what is worse, I did not know the present tense.

Because I was always in the past, remembering it and projecting myself to the future, trying to prepare myself for what could happen.

I did not realize that the only moment that exists is the NOW, this precise moment in which you are reading this post, there is no other.

The past is gone and the future does not exist, it is only a projection of what has been lived in the past.

The only time in which we can be happy is HERE and NOW, being aware of everything that surrounds us, observing, listening, quieting the mind that gives us so much can.

Being aware you will feel peace, you will live in a state of calm and relaxation.

You will connect with yourself and others, you will pay more attention to their words, their gestures, you will perceive the smells that surround you

Also you will awaken your senses, you will begin to delight in this new day, one more day that life gives you and that you should not miss.

Time is limited, the years do not stop with anyone and when you realize you have less years to live than you have already lived.

Most of them without living in the present, without being fully aware of everything that happened to you around.

So I have decided not to waste the time I have left and stop living riding between the past and the future, living alone in the present moment.

But it is not easy, the mind will lead you through other paths, your thoughts do not abandon you.

But there is a formula that if we can put into practice even if at first it is difficult for us to get used to it, BREATHE.

Every time we travel in the time machine, let’s connect with our breath to return … we will feel very well.

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