When the children fly out of the nest and the nest is left empty, the parents stop exercising as such and return to simply being what they were before: a man and a woman.sindrome-del-nido-vacio

Each one with their concerns, each one choosing their path, a path towards self-realization, towards their own happiness.

What united them until now, the raising of children, ceases to take place.

They take up old hobbies, they sign up for new activities, they enroll in associations with similar interests.

They create new friendships, they meet new people.

We know that it is a complicated stage where hormones cause havoc, in which we are increasingly aware of the passage of time.

And that time is running out and that we have to live this moment, because there is no other.

The problem is when the path that each chooses to travel differs from that of the other.

It does not have to be the same or resemble either.

As each of them walk, they both distance themselves.

They realize that they have little in common, their hobbies and interests have changed.

What’s more, one of them may have tired of relegating its life to the life of others.

And just want to live yours … can you blame itself for it?

I understand that no, it is natural, but if you do, it will be unhappy.

However, if it carries out his dreams, fulfills his illusions, lets out the inner child inside.

Every day will be happier and therefore will make those who really love it happy.

And how to look for that link again?

─ Very easy, you just have to create moments of a couple, where alone, without interference or family intrusions.

Come back to meet again after so many years.

As if it were two strangers, they just meet and like each other and end up falling in love.

It is not difficult if love still survives, if both want to continue with the relationship.

But it is not a relationship of dependence, of attachment of one for the other.

But it is rather a relationship where instead of two are three:

You, me and us.

Image: Pixabay

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