This year I have decided to practice female solidarity.

What does it consist of?

How is it carried out?

─ Very simple

─ In your workplace praise your female partners, highlight their achievements, feats, efforts, in front of your male partners.

─In your daily life, with your family, fraternizing with other females, putting yourself in their place, understanding them, helping them, listening to them, instead of criticizing and judging them.

Being a woman in the 21st century is not easy, there are still women who are not economically independent, they have no voice.

Women who do have the fortune of enjoying that economic independence can help them by collaborating with the projects under development for women in the Third World.


Because the money donated to these women ends up being reinvested in the family, in the education of the children, in the development of the area.

And most importantly, these women begin to realize their worth and therefore men begin to respect and value them as they deserve and to collaborate both in domestic tasks and in the Projects they manage.

Being with other women does us good, we can have fun and enjoy pleasant moments without the need for male company.

It is surprising how Nature synchronizes our hormonal cycles in such a way that women who work or live together end up menstruating at the same time.

There is chemistry between us.

Let’s see other women as friends, not as enemies.

We shouldn´t compete with each other.

We already have to compete with men to get a job in the same conditions and earn the same salary.

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