I knew it was her from that day we chose.

We were only a few meters away from each other and at that moment we seemed to have everything against us.

She came with the one who had decided to have a dog and I was hurt with the world, they had put me in a kennel in a kind of dog showcase with my brothers, people came and everyone ran for their chance.

I remember her look, she had stuck in me, pointed her finger and it all started there.

I ended up in a girl’s house, all very rebellious, she spent her time teaching me things, I started to love her.

Destiny ended up leaving us alone, she and me.

I began to be part of her whole life, accompanied her to places that you had never imagined.

I was at all parties, she was discovering the world and had chosen me to discover it with her.

I have seen everything, at that time she did not stop still and we were with a lot of people. I knew all his friends and had connected very well with all her partners, I wonder what happened to them.

I remember moving home so many times, I also remember summer festivals, often overwhelmed.

I remember comforting her in her low moments, the truth is that I always felt that we took care of each other.

She always made me feel so special … Her concerns had made her rethink a decision that would change our lives forever. We were going to London!

It took me a long time to forgive her for sending me by ferry without knowing what was coming next. When I saw her, I almost kill her.

Here we have also passed ours, house changes, cries .. I know everything she has had to fight so that I never missed anything, as I say, she always took care to make me see how important I was to her.

And again to discover a lot of sites, there were huge parks here. New gang and also their new loves.

My life was her and I spent the days waiting to see her appear again to do things together.
We have become nail and flesh, we know each other very well, we know our needs and our language is simplified in a single cross of eyes.

We are getting older both, we are calmer and each one is living their learning, we have divided the responsibilities but we have not neglected the pranks.

Now we are here, but I wonder what will come next, if I tell you the truth, while we are together I know that everything will be fine.

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