Dear daughter

Dear daughter:

Today I have to let you go … once again.

But unlike other times today I do not feel sad, I understand that you return to your work, in which you are progressing and learning to be a Leader.

You return to your shared house next to your dog that awaits you anxiously, you return with your new gang and you also return next to the boy you have fallen in love with, the one that makes you happy and offers you his company in that country so cold that it is not of yours.

Although thinking it well you are not so far away, it is two hours by plane, you come and go, you meet again with the friends you left and with the family that will always be waiting for you.

This time we have not had much time to talk, to be together.

This trip was not to see us, you traveled to a music festival, your great passion and to meet your old friends.Querida hija

How glad I am that you have so many good friendships, with which to share experiences and experiences.

It is important to renew the bonds of friendship, not to lose contact, despite the distance that separates you.

I guess you’ll be sleeping on the plane, you haven’t stopped doing it since you got home, you were  so exhausted.

Luckily you still have vacation days to rest before the daily hustle and bustle.

Holidays are not just for travel and fun, they also give us to disconnect and sleep, relax.

Everything we do not usually do because of the frantic pace of our daily lives.

In less than a month if there is nothing new we will see each other again, this time it will be our turn to travel and visit you.

We will make family life in a foreign house, recovering lost time, doing things together, going shopping.

For your dog it will be a vacation, he will be with us 24 hours and we will go for a walk through the canals.

We want to go to your workplace , we are so proud to see how you develop in a new profession and how you defend yourself in a language that is not yours.

We already know where you live, in which environment you move, so if something happens to you or you get sick, we will know where to look for you.

It’s funny how when you walk around the house and we don’t see you, we think you’re not, you look like an illusion, a dream we don’t want to wake up from.

You have left home young, first to study, so we have not learned to live with the adult woman, the daughter who has been recorded is the girl and the teenager you were.

That is why whenever you return, throughout our lives, we will continue treating you as such and you will continue to behave like the girl who lives in you every time you return.

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