Compromise meaning

She wondered what happened when on the third day of being with him her body began to reject him, her mind began to show his flaws … she felt the need to flee from that relationship.

It was not the first time that happened to her, this same thing had already happened on other occasions.

Her previous relationships blamed her for the same, for not letting herself be loved, for not showing her feelings, for locking herself in her shell, for not opening herself.

But this time she didn’t want this relationship broken.

She liked this boy a lot, he had appeared in his life without looking for him and he had everything, he was affectionate, attentive, took care of her and looked at her with love.

Moreover, he shared his passion for music, he lived in his own city …

  • And then … what happened to her?

Not even she managed to understand it, only identified the signs that alerted her of what was going to happen.

She didn’t want to lose it, She had to find a solution.

But how to tell him how much love overwhelmed her, that she couldn’t be with him 24 hours a day, that she needed her space to breathe if she didn’t drown.

How to make him understand all this without hurting him.

He was so afraid that she would abandon him that he tried to retain her in the way he knew, wanting her above all others.

She was an independent, brave and struggling woman. She had shown herself what she was capable of leaving her comfort zone, breaking everything and starting a new life.

She didn’t want to lose that independence for nothing, it brought him so much security!

She didn’t want to feel prey to love, She wasn’t willing to suffer once again when things didn’t work out.

On the contrary, she also felt alone, she needed human warmth, pampering, attention, affection … she considered herself a strong and at the same time weak and vulnerable woman, unstable, with fears, insecure.

-What is the solution to this problem?

First of all go slowly, give yourself enough time to get to know each other in depth, to trust each other.

There was no hurry, they had a lot of life ahead.

Subsequently share small moments together, free days participating in activities, composing music, living new experiences.

They could live in the same house but each one enjoying their own space, their solitude, their hobbies.

There is no reason to do everything in company, everyone must be able to enjoy their independence and feel free, that freedom that has cost her so much to achieve.

If he truly loves her, he will end up understanding her, he will know how to leave her at his leisure so that she does not lack oxygen by his side, no matter what she prefers to be alone.

She will return to his arms when she wants a kiss, curl up in his lap, hear a LOVE YOU.

She has been living alone for many years, She has her customs, her habits, difficult to change.

She has yet to learn that there is another life, a life as a couple, where she can continue to be herself and also the girlfriend of …

It is a matter of time and perseverance, learn it. You have to persevere every day.

Because having a partner is something wonderful, it helps us to be better people, seeing our own reflection in the mirror of the other, it makes us grow, it teaches us to share and more when we are unique children.

It is indescribable to have someone by our side to listen to us, to give us their opinion, with which to have fun and laugh at life, enjoy moments of intense pleasure, someone to support us when we falter, accompany us when we do not want to be alone, who take care of us when we are sick, where to shelter when we feel cold.

Human contact is essential, a caress that bristles our skin, melting our bodies into one, feeling the touch of lips, a whisper in our ears, walking hand in hand.

It’s amazing that he welcome you at the airport with a welcome sign, in a country where nobody else is waiting for you.

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