Being happy at work matters

being-happy-at-work-mattersWorking every day feeling happy in your job should be a right to consider.

There is no better asset for a company that its workers feel motivated, excited about their daily chores and arrive every morning happy contributing to the common good, reaching the objectives set, paddling in the same direction.

It seems an unattainable reality, but it should not be so, only leaders who create a good working environment, who respect their subordinates, who value work well done, who are not afraid to say how proud they feel and reward the effort are needed.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small company or a big company, the philosophy should be the same.

Why who better than a member of the staff to detect future mistakes and provide ideas on the improvements to be made from a professional point of view.

If we want to provide a quality service, to guarantee a good product there is no way to work as a team.

It is very true that we are a number in the production chain, replaceable, but we are also people with their peculiarities, we also like to feel important in carrying out our work as small as it may seem.

We know that dealing with staff is not easy, training, self-control, character, empathy is required.

Since even the best worker, the most responsible, the one who lives the company, who feels attached to it after a lifetime contributing to its standing, may feel undervalued, demotivated, exhausted, misunderstood and underpaid.

It is fair that if the workers give everything for the Company, it will return them something.

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