I have been so angry for a long time, full of anger, making myself strong, telling me that I was able to do everything, resisting to fall, to show myself vulnerable until my body began to send me signals alerting me, in the form of migraines, vertigo, irritable colon, anxiety , fears, unstoppable crying … Continue Reading


Dear daughter, We thought it was going to be difficult to emigrate but it turns out how difficult it will be to return to your country. And not only for the amount of things that we have been sending you during these four years and that you have been buying and accumulating … they do Continue Reading

Fly from the nest

When the children fly out of the nest and the nest is left empty, the parents stop exercising as such and return to simply being what they were before: a man and a woman. Each one with their concerns, each one choosing their path, a path towards self-realization, towards their own happiness. What united them Continue Reading

50 birthday

I have already turned 50 years old. I feel a mixture of emotions and fear at the same time. On the one hand I am happy to have arrived and not to have stayed on the road, like so many others. And on the other hand I do not recognize myself when I look in Continue Reading


Can a man and a woman be just friends? If a woman will answer this question  she would say  immediately that yes, she has many male friends. If a man responds honestly  he would say no, that he dreams of becoming something else. But while this does not happen, he is satisfied to be just Continue Reading

Second opportunity

You have to be very brave to grant a second chance in life. The fear of failure is very powerful and paralyzes us. If we have n´t done well the first time … what makes us suppose that we will succeed in the second? We do not usually give a second chance if we fail Continue Reading