Jeaolus is not love

Feeling jealous for a loved one is part of our insecurities.   Because you think it can fall in love with someone younger, more beautiful, better than you.   You are making assumptions based on your own beliefs or past experiences, not on the reality that you are living.   Feeling jealous is also a Continue Reading


I have been slow to understand that when we forgive someone, it is also beneficial for us. By forgiving you transform yourself and transform your surroundings. It does not matter if the accept your forgiveness or not, just the act of forgiving or asking for forgiveness frees you. Stop dragging that heavy load on your Continue Reading

Fear death

We inexplicably assume that we will live for many years, that we will grow old, without any guarantee of it. We do not know where death will be waiting for us, maybe on the next holidays or across the street. There are more than a thousand ways to die. Imagine that one day we receive Continue Reading

happy birthday daughter

I still think it was yesterday … And it’s been 29 years. I remember when you were in my belly, your kicks … You were already restless before you came to this world. Or maybe you were anxious to go out and discover the emotions that awaited you. The first time I saw you so Continue Reading

Mother day

You are everything for me. You have been both mother and father at the same time. Everything that I am I owe to you, my education, my values, my way of seeing life. Through your example, I learned to be a hard-working, responsible, savvy woman, financially independent. You also taught me that a mother does Continue Reading