Nature has given us two ears and one mouth … for something will it be? Two ears to listen more and one mouth to speak less. Many people do not know how to listen, continuously interrupt what you are going to say. It is a lack of education because you do not pay attention to Continue Reading

The parents are not right essay

Firstly, you came back on vacation home saying that the parents are not always right and I replied: “the children neither.” Secondly, none are in possession of absolute truth, neither parents nor children. Moreover, we belong to different generations, our belief systems differ, our values ​​are not the same and our priorities are very different. Continue Reading

Here and Now

So far I have not been aware that I lived with the autopilot activated, it was like an automaton walking down the street, driving, I lived immensely in my thoughts, I was a slave to my mind. I did things by routine, by habit, without enjoying them. I didn’t taste the food, I didn’t listen Continue Reading

School days

Holidays are over, back to school begins. In this new course that begins a new student will begin. This new student is more clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t. She wants to continue learning but at her own pace, without pressure, enjoying learning. She wants to continue writing and sharing with those Continue Reading


When I saw that movie entitled “Lunchbox“, whose argument is about two strangers who, due to circumstances of destiny, begin to exchange letters sharing their concerns and their loneliness. I thought it would be wonderful if anyone who feels alone or needs to communicate with other people could do so through a letter, no matter Continue Reading